and pompous dignity with which she faced an audience of Trustees and you should see the new moon! I saw it over my right shoulder.

that I didn't have the slightest idea of what I was talking about.

looking over my shoulder to make sure that Mrs. Lippett isn't after matter what part of the United States or Canada they come from,

Now that I am sure you read my letters, I'll make them much

`To college?' Jerusha's eyes grew big. Mrs. Lippett nodded. and with this divided interest I do not make the progress that I

There are one or two glancing references to Master Jervie.


of little baby chickens and ducks and turkeys and guinea fowls.

human point of view--so you see how brave I am to lay it before you.

That sounds well, doesn't it, Daddy? But I don't wish to mislead you.

III. You hate girls.

VERY much obliged. It's a fine thing to be educated--but nothing

as bright in class as any of the others--and brighter than some of them!

readily found by their next partners. Jimmie McBride, for example,